Singular Ads

Singular Ads offers Digital Marketing solutions for advertisers & publishers.

We generate high quality traffic for our advertisers while building strong long term relationships with our publishers. We take pride in the professional, reliable service from source to destination.

Who We are

We are the leading marketing platform for Mobile. Headquartered in New York, easy to reach time zone for all countries. Our team comes with over 10 years experience in the digital media arena.

Singular Ads

What We do

We help our clients to build a plan to bring to them the most suitable results they are looking for. On Mobile and Web, increasing their customer base across markets around the world.

Why Choose Us?

Our team has a superior experience and is only task is to bring strong valuable results to each customer. With data transparency and trough a human eye and technological algorithms, metrics, helping increase their ROI.

Our Strengths

Customer Life time value comes 1st

We share data page placements, and using post-install tracking to max. ROI.

Leading industry experts

Each member of our team brings 10 years of experience from the digital media world.

Tailored media partners

We ensure a satisfying match between the media and the customer's objectives.


We ensure results first, therefor there are no setup fees or min budgets.


We share all data live on dash board, placement sites.

Check Up

We ensure each publisher on the our market is safe and stable.

Real Time Data

Customers are able to fully view all campaigns and optimise them.

Some of our apps





We’re here to help generate mobile and web traffic that matters.

Be it watching video ads, signups, app installs, or any requirement you have.

We work with all major
tracking solutions