Premium Content


Singular Ads is the place where you can purchase and monetize premium video content form Hollywood studios.
Singular Ads offers content distribution, marketing and monetization for Web and for Mobile Devices.


Singular Ads allow publishers to get the most relevant video content that suites their site keywords and place premium tailored to that content. Singular Ads works with a number of video platforms and ad networks to provide end-to-end content, ads, hosting and monetization solutions.

Singular Ads Video Solutions

Mobile Video is spreading, reach your audience with location based video.

Singular Ads is the leading solution for digital video advertisers and creators to distribute their content. With Singular Ads video distribution is simplified.

The Benefits:

  • Singular Ads reach publishers to all major Ad Networks, DSP’s Trading Desks and Exchanges.
  • One sport to interact with all available media partners to ensure the bidding price is not high and brings the best performance, ensuring your CPM are well spent.
  • Singular Ads optimisation uses real-time bidding and data segmentation for each video stream. All competing live at the simultaneously for each CPM, maximising results and CPM without impacting latency.
  • CheckUP advertiser are able to choose the segments they want they CPM to appear, allowing them to reach only sites suites their campaign objectives.
  • Plan, buy, sell, and measure video in a multi-screen world from a single interface.

Maintain total control and transparency with every partner and every transaction. Our sophisticated technology ensures the most advanced video advertising. Forecast the availability and inventory price that will reach your customer audiences across all media sources. Compare the performance of different audience segments, media sources and creatives to adjust for future inventory strategy.